Once luxuriant growing luxuriantly green

After work, hastily packed my bags,A lonely thing to have your direction. On the evening of rhyme, I figure moving in a mottled time.
As a front Youyan quartzite wetting Road, along the Long Wharf, up the steps, high-rise fire wall on top of, sparse with few flowers. Once luxuriant growing luxuriantly green, in the winter cold in trying to flaunt the remnants of the green, decorated with winter bleak courtyard, head, blue sky blue cage.
Suddenly, in the corner of the alley, I do not know who is the home before the brick bar placed a few plexus potted chrysanthemums, the purple elegant, bright yellow Mingyan, pulling double moo I. The warm color, rendering a multicoloured time, desolate desolate heart, in an instant to flourish. I not let diffuse pace, approached the head look, in the courtyard after the high top,pricot528 high hung a green ancient "Gao long courtyard". Now, I want to push the unlocked thick time twilight, Nama warm foot long. The feeling of home, really good!
The car, I head on the window. The wheels against the ground issue "hissing" traffic sound, the window of the Castle Peak green Diane, housing the crops, go by like the wind like back flash. Thoughts, started a free swimming in the roar of the car.
This winter, I can truly feel a settled in the heart of the warm imperceptibly gradually dissipated everyone knows, the spring bloom memories, gradually cooling, freezing in the cold.
You said, after this winter, everything will turn for the better. I silently in your arms, looking up at you, polished numerous sentences, the end is stranded in the sea. Heart unspeakable sadness and loneliness, in the Qing cold scattered into mud, soundless and stirless, not a single storm. We sit on benches, a tree Platanus orientalis nearly fell as blade, bones and powerful. Falling under our feet golden Tong leaf, gently in the wind whipped, flowing with a quiet and elegant. Perhaps, some things and mood does not belong in this winter. So, let the wind to come and go freely in our world, sultana each other silently waiting for the next spring. You come, bustling king; you go, clear.
A whistle, put me back to reality from the distant mood in. I looked out of the window, the twilight darkens, the evening, the air was filled with the clear and quiet and warm. I close my eyes, let the heart thought, and a heartbeat to breathe.
The few plexus Gu Xiang met in chrysanthemum, projection to my heart. She covered with dew, in order to cool the nourishing health, in the quiet long days,Most people do not enter into raising calmly elegant bloom layers of strands of fragrance. What you are you not go, or is the traveler, only your shadow into a flower pistil, miss, long aftertaste, softly with quiet and tranquil garden.

generally considered appropriate

For example, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac each require the auditing of at least 10 percent of all mortgage loans. These agencies require lenders to have a quality control plan in place. Though the specifics vary from one agency to the next, the requirements are quite similar. If you are closing less than 15 loans per month, monthly (or quarterly in the case of FHA loans) quality control audits are generally considered appropriate.

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Welcome to my blog The agencies require that the person conducting the audit be independent of the process that they are auditing. For example, if a staff member is involved in the closing of the loan, that person should not conduct the pre-closing audit. Many lenders who conduct in-house loan audits create a separate department specifically for auditing loans to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Each agency has specific requirements covering various quality assurance checkpoints including early in the loan, just before closing the loan, and after closing the loan. Several checklists, including a pre-closing audit checklist, should be a part of your quality control plan. If you prefer, you can use a spreadsheet or specialized loan quality assurance software.

Early in the loan, the list is fairly short. However, just before closing the loan, the pre-closing audit checklist becomes quite extensive. Lenders must make sure all transcripts match documents; double check that self-employment analysis (if applicable) is present; verify the presence of complete tax returns for self-employed borrowers; verify that there's no undisclosed debt, average overtime, bonuses and commissions; check to ensure that a pay stub dated within 30 days before settlement is included; and much more.

Pre-closing audits require re-verifying documentation such as the credit report, borrower's income, employment, and assets, an important step to ensure that all documentation has been received and reviewed and that the information provided supports the underwriting decision.

Using a pre-closing audit checklist, spreadsheet, or quality assurance program specific to the requirements of the agency ensures that you know exactly what needs to be re-verified. Because each agency has its own requirements, and because these agencies periodically update their pre- and post-closing audit guidelines, it's wise to periodically review your quality control plans to ensure that your checklists remain in compliance. With loan quality assurance software, updates are generally issued by the software developer which ensures that your pre-closing audit checklists are current. In fact, software can automate many of the tasks by highlighting missing documentation or verifying pay stub dates.

Whether you develop your own internal pre-closing audit checklist, use one issued by an agency, or use software to guide you, conducting regular pre-closing audits is a must. While you may only be required to do so on just ten percent of your loans, you may want to run each loan through a pre-closing audit. With software, this becomes much easier. Doing so can alert you to potential risks and improve the overall quality of your loan portfolio.

Huimin project sign solar

Last year's " quality gate " incident, a number of solar small business workshops were eliminated, but low, small, scattered state to still exist, some small businesses in the new introduction showing the blundering state of mind, more worth vigilance. At present, Solar Panel Supplier thermal utilization is mainly confined to the lower end of the solar water heater, and most are small and medium-sized enterprises, admittance doorsill is low, the product is coessential change serious, technical innovation is not strong, the industry is called the grass industry, this situation is not only limited to Haining.
Therefore, near the end of the home appliances to the countryside to plan, make many solar water heater business feel anxiety. "In the past few years home appliances to the countryside to plan, promote the rural market sales, but also make rural area temporarily reached phase saturation. " Xu Zhuling said, "by the end of this year, home appliances to the countryside to plan to end, there will be substantially reduced the expected sales of products. "
The situation is now, in a few years ago industry rapid development process, a number of small workshops through policy to promote positive, have finished primitive accumulation, but fundamentally speaking, they do not grasp the core technology, Solar Module Manufacturer dab6d25ck the vast majority could not complete product design, material selection, manufacturing process, and many operators are not industrial spirit this myopia, also cause adverse effects, fake and not absolutely the root, the new favorable policies, many solar small businesses in small workshops began blundering. "
According to a highly efficient energy-saving solar water heater Huimin project to promote the implementation of rules, promote the deadline on June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013. According to the water tank capacity and energy efficiency standards for different amplitude, subsidies 100 yuan 500 yuan. To enjoy the " home appliances to the countryside" and other financial subsidy policy of product, no longer give subsidies. As the use of clean energy solar water heater, although is the first in the promotion of energy-saving products such as home appliances consumer policy, but occupies a large share of. " China Energy Conservation Association Professional Committee of solar energy secretary Huo Zhichen said, 26500000000 yuan for energy-saving appliances subsidies policy, solar water heater accounted for more than 15%, nearly 4000000000 yuan allowance dimensions, Google TV remotes can support 10000000, and 10000000 solar water heaters will demand to the development of the industry of great space.


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