For each 'good' job

Here are a few numbers to check yourself against. Most job searches take 3 months. A hunt for a job at the high end (over $100K) can take 5 months. A great job search technique should yield good results. You should contact about five people on average for an interview. Contact five head hunters, or submit five resumes and you should get one offer on average.

In about ten interviews you should get one job offer. For each 'good' job offer you get about three total job offers.

Of course there are other factors that change these numbers. If you work in a high demand field you can expect more offers. If you won't move to a new location then you can expect less offers. But based on these numbers, you can get a feel for how effective your job search technique is working for you.

Now what? If you've found that your job search technique is less than effective, you can use these numbers to get a clue as to where your job search problem is. Decide whether you 1.) are getting too few good offers; 2.) are getting too few offers; or 3) are getting too few interviews.

If you are getting too few interviews, then make sure you aren't just searching job boards and submitting all applications online. Make sure you are including customized cover letters--that use the keywords and exact language that are in the job posting. Then check to make sure you are applying to jobs that you appear qualified for. If you are applying for the right jobs make sure that the language of your resume is not cryptic and clearly matches the language of the job postings.

You may be restricting your search by something like geography. Salary requirements may be unrealistic (see sites like Salary.com to check salaries in your area).

If you are getting too few job offers, look at your interview technique. Are you using real, detailed stories that clearly tie to your resume? Do those stories really show your qualifications? Stories should show increased responsibility, initiative, and your skillset. Do you appear confident or are you nervous during interviews? Practice your stories in front of someone. Learn to control your nerves.

If you are getting poor offers, you could be applying to the wrong jobs. Keep in mind that careers shift, maybe you need to reevaluate what current job you are the most qualified for. You could also be not showing your qualifications. Are you representing yourself in the best light?

A job search problem can be diagnosed and fixed with a little thought.

Moonlight like water

Mochizuki, let a person look past millennium ancient and modern, romantic, I feel the vastness of the universe and its humble! Worship the moon, bathed in watery Qinghui,were able to place their bonds the mind seems to instantly become pure, soul seemed bathed rebirth, moonlight flowing into the heart, nourishing the soul, you go to the heart. Walk in the moonlight as water, the next one, will be gentle, more will be poured out all pure poetry in the heart...
Moonlight as water, such as water in winter. Cold cold cold, clear, make the person less fanaticism and impetuous, more calm, rational, tenacity and tolerance. Look into the distance, so pure, pure and transparent skin bone. Perhaps, when Damour first wall nine years, is bathed in this cold and refreshing Yuehua! At the moment, in the garden fence, you still wait to look at the distance of the moon. The old round? The posture, flies the arrow heart ache! However,celery the old I old as well as old person, young people and the young, "Friends of my friend," why not "and" friends "? Because to understand, so mercy!
Moonlight as water, such as at. "Pear yard Rongrong, LiuXu pond light wind", the recovery of all things, subtle fragrance floating, Liu Yun silent. A spring night of moonlight is warm and cold, so as to stimulate every nerve of people, make people toward the fresh, to pure, to start, to thrive, passion, to poetry, and vegetation to Tsinghua blending, dip a bright spring night of moonlight, let a person heart Hui quality, elegant Gao Jie. Zhang Ruoxu's "Moonlight on the Spring River", like hanging in the historical long wall of the ink painting, rhyme flow through the ages, he must set foot quiet moonlight of that a moment, be drunk with a month, and the charm.
A spring night of moonlight, like a Spring Creek, so fresh and charmingcockymei. The beauty of Lin Daiyu is that make sophisticated her do not, she is "I for my heart", I think the reason why Jia Baoyu loves Lin Daiyu, but also because of her true that natural beauty. Bao Yu said "the daughter is water", so this is Lin Qingquan flesh, the natural and mellow, or slightly and slightly astringent, but more inner beauty with its quality, give a person with refreshing cool, perhaps in Bao Yu like it is the natural and refreshing.
Moonlight like water, like summer water. "Jiangtianyishai no dust, the vast sky, Gu Yue wheel" summer moonlight, Qingli and plateau, vast and Keren, let people infinite pleasure. See Silverlit everywhere, the smell of Cordyceps sound, enjoy the breeze blowing gently, a day of hot long relieved, let a person can't Peng a pure green? "Month Liushao head, date". Just imagine, under Ou Yangxiu's pen, making congenially, is a wonderful scene.
However, "not see people last year, tears wet spring sleeves".sspondThe unpredictability of life, love of hard. Dramatic is the most piteous, lingering and imprint is engraved on my heart. acacia! Who does not desire, who do not have sincerity recourse, helpless people get good luck, a strange combination of circumstances, the figure of happiness always pass by, feel helpless to flowers, Yangtze River flowing east. The sky people sigh, vice versa, the matter ancient difficult full, there will always be sad and sorry too much! Come to each other's shadow, such as hollow petals floating away, but the heart has already fall full of sweet and sour...
The quiet of the night, the bright moon in the sky, the wind will be lifted on the window of the door remote memory. Hemingway and Kautsky in the flames of war in the furnace, smelting Love Waltz, in the final years of wind in it but, again, as if a generation had passed, "do not go back anymore"! The once beautiful time some sexual gratification, sentimental, is a loss! Miss a season would miss a lifetime. Though ShanMeng in, the people of the past forever, this is how the pain of fissure!
Wang Yuehua gurgling, looking back at the past, a heartbroken man spare here. Red dust, the vast sea of humanity, then there are tenderness million species, but with what people say? Red dream who Xu? The world changes, changes. Sad, accompany cry, always is carved in the depths of the soul, happy, laugh together, just a familiar faces. Plum boiling tea,bebkiee is still a taste of that year, only waiting for the people of the past, never come back. Moonlight like water, like autumn. An invigorating autumn climate, charming moonlight night, like a heavenly fairy a gauze, include the world. Youthful passionate, Akitsuki. In this autumn Yan Kun Yu, like night, how many Gu Yue harps, life and the vicissitudes of the story? Time is a distant memory, there is spring water immersion, autumn wind blowing, I already cleared.
The moon was bright that night, and its shine a lovely lady's way home illuminated. Love across not dating, this is the world how beautiful love! Lin Whei-yin was "a poetic Chihiro waterfall, the world April day". Jin Yuelin Lin Huiying devoted her life to love, a lifetime is single, lonely life, quiet life, until the moment of youth, a Confidante old. Affection, oh, of what is affection comprised? This should only be the sky month, still weeping endures desolate.

A thermal management scheme

Design of LED system thermal management is an important part, and through the circuit to realize the function of temperature compensation for thermal management is an economical and reliable method. Most of the current LED lighting manufacturers will be the driving current of the LED design does not change with temperature constant current source, therefore, when the LED surrounding temperature is higher than the safety temperature point, Viribright LED globe lamp dab8d29ck the working current is not in the safety zone, this will cause the LED 's life is far lower than the specification numerical even direct damage. While the LED surrounding temperature is too high by LED fever causes, there are two ways to solve this problem.
One approach is the use of thermal conductivity and better heat radiating device, reducing the LED chip to a thermal resistance, control LED internal temperature not higher than ambient temperature too much, but it needs high cost. In addition, it is difficult to avoid the problem is, when the heat dissipation device is used for a period of time in the body of the heat sink of settled dust, and aluminum base copper clad plate is connected to the copper layer and the aluminum substrate dielectric layer aging degumming will lead to resistance greatly rise, resulting in an overall thermal performance decline.
Another approach is to make LED work in the area of security margin, which meet in a safe temperature points within the output current, output power work in rated condition and constant, and above the safety temperature output current proportional drop negative compensation, Viribright LED Bulb Brand ensure that LED service life, this is the definition of temperature compensation.
Radiation detection function is also very important. We could be detected by NTC voltage to detect LED lamp temperature changes. The detected voltage and temperature of NTC directly, while NTC resistance varies with NTC and its peripheral circuit temperature rising and falling. Use the NTC to determine the temperature there are two basic methods.
Methods: in a system of mandatory implementation of a known voltage divider circuit used in NTC, and subsequently measuring NTC node voltage. NTC temperature increase, decrease of resistance. Resistance reducing the amount lead divider ratio. NTC node voltage also decreases as the temperature increases.
Method two: compulsory known current through NTC, and measuring the voltage across NTC. NTC temperature increase, decrease of resistance. According to the Ohm's law, hk-car resistance reducing the amount change of NTC node voltage. Such as resistance decreases while the current remains constant, NTC node voltage will drop too.

Lighting market is mature

The East Bay is this year's LED shares in operation black, first season smoothly by turn fortunately be filled with, battalion of the second season season increases the rate of up to 7 season, profit growth rate of 5, to enter the second half of season, business continued to grow, the third season combined revenue 2523000000 yuan, season by the four into. President Wu Qinghui says, this year LED backlight demand recovery, East Bay is a factory big winner, 5W LED bulb will prosper until December. The following is a summary of the interview.
Ask: the East Bay this operation performed better than expected, the main power?
Answer: after the end of last year LED industry adjustment, the East Bay mainly focus on the backlight market, obviously in this rapid recovery, especially permeability of LEDTV this year will reach 70% ( global average), the East Bay and Taiwan development TV LED backlight is focused investment company, degree of benefit is more apparent, also be industry factory in the big winner.
Japan, Taiwan factory into a new customer
The East Bay and actively develop Korea outside the Department of new customers, including the mainland 6 color TV, Japan, Taiwan factory has been our customers, so the results in the first quarter of this year, at the end of second season industry recovery, East Bay business was growing. Application of the product in addition to LEDTV, pen and touch panel ( NB, Tablet ) product shipments this year big gains, which in the Tablet backlight products have received international brand companies use.
On the other hand, LED lighting also has obvious bonus effect, the market demand not only increase, LED Spotlight Lamp dab8d28ck drive East Bay business profit, from the beginning of the year the bottom monthly growth, overall profit performance is growing gradually.
Ask: LEDTV penetration rate has reached as high as 70%, lighting market how?
Answer: LED backlight applications, with television as the main outcome of the end product, the permeability of this year reached 70%, it has been regarded as " mandatory " growing ends, I forecast 2 years after LED backlight market will show a " natural growth", it also represents the future, LED industry to grow on the lighting.
The next 3 years to grow 4 to 5 times
With the global LED lighting accounts for lighting market permeability, permeability of about 1 this year, next year will rise to 15% ~20%, existing industry survey estimate, to 2015 50%. From last year to this year is about 3 years, there are 3 to 4 times the growth, and the next 3 years, it will have 4 to 5 times the growth.
Q: so do you think LED lighting market power just to show?
Answer: Yes, LED lighting this year maturity has almost the same. From the point of demand, after 3 years of education market, consumers are willing to accept the LED lighting, also believe that LED lighting brings the benefits of energy conservation, especially in Japan last year 311 after a major earthquake, Japan LED lighting permeability, half year add 4 into ( the LED light bulb permeability is as high as 6 .). In Taiwan, E27 LED bulb the 1 electrical degrees money, you use the traditional lamp can only be open for 1 hours, if the use of LED lamp is 7 hours, price has been rising, replacing the lamp is cost-effective.
The sweet spot to make money by skill
LED lighting quality, now LED light bulb efficiency have done than to energy-saving light bulbs are high, and you will be surprised to find, good quality LED bulbs do the whole week light angle is 320 degrees, light uniformity enough, will not be bright shadow, also will not feel light. Some corner of secretly, so consumers have been generally acceptable LED lamp.
From the LED lighting price, this price fall into this, the sweet spot has come, now on their ability in the fierce competition to gain.


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