For each 'good' job

Here are a few numbers to check yourself against. Most job searches take 3 months. A hunt for a job at the high end (over $100K) can take 5 months. A great job search technique should yield good results. You should contact about five people on average for an interview. Contact five head hunters, or submit five resumes and you should get one offer on average.

In about ten interviews you should get one job offer. For each 'good' job offer you get about three total job offers.

Of course there are other factors that change these numbers. If you work in a high demand field you can expect more offers. If you won't move to a new location then you can expect less offers. But based on these numbers, you can get a feel for how effective your job search technique is working for you.

Now what? If you've found that your job search technique is less than effective, you can use these numbers to get a clue as to where your job search problem is. Decide whether you 1.) are getting too few good offers; 2.) are getting too few offers; or 3) are getting too few interviews.

If you are getting too few interviews, then make sure you aren't just searching job boards and submitting all applications online. Make sure you are including customized cover letters--that use the keywords and exact language that are in the job posting. Then check to make sure you are applying to jobs that you appear qualified for. If you are applying for the right jobs make sure that the language of your resume is not cryptic and clearly matches the language of the job postings.

You may be restricting your search by something like geography. Salary requirements may be unrealistic (see sites like Salary.com to check salaries in your area).

If you are getting too few job offers, look at your interview technique. Are you using real, detailed stories that clearly tie to your resume? Do those stories really show your qualifications? Stories should show increased responsibility, initiative, and your skillset. Do you appear confident or are you nervous during interviews? Practice your stories in front of someone. Learn to control your nerves.

If you are getting poor offers, you could be applying to the wrong jobs. Keep in mind that careers shift, maybe you need to reevaluate what current job you are the most qualified for. You could also be not showing your qualifications. Are you representing yourself in the best light?

A job search problem can be diagnosed and fixed with a little thought.

Moonlight like water

Mochizuki, let a person look past millennium ancient and modern, romantic, I feel the vastness of the universe and its humble! Worship the moon, bathed in watery Qinghui,were able to place their bonds the mind seems to instantly become pure, soul seemed bathed rebirth, moonlight flowing into the heart, nourishing the soul, you go to the heart. Walk in the moonlight as water, the next one, will be gentle, more will be poured out all pure poetry in the heart...
Moonlight as water, such as water in winter. Cold cold cold, clear, make the person less fanaticism and impetuous, more calm, rational, tenacity and tolerance. Look into the distance, so pure, pure and transparent skin bone. Perhaps, when Damour first wall nine years, is bathed in this cold and refreshing Yuehua! At the moment, in the garden fence, you still wait to look at the distance of the moon. The old round? The posture, flies the arrow heart ache! However,celery the old I old as well as old person, young people and the young, "Friends of my friend," why not "and" friends "? Because to understand, so mercy!
Moonlight as water, such as at. "Pear yard Rongrong, LiuXu pond light wind", the recovery of all things, subtle fragrance floating, Liu Yun silent. A spring night of moonlight is warm and cold, so as to stimulate every nerve of people, make people toward the fresh, to pure, to start, to thrive, passion, to poetry, and vegetation to Tsinghua blending, dip a bright spring night of moonlight, let a person heart Hui quality, elegant Gao Jie. Zhang Ruoxu's "Moonlight on the Spring River", like hanging in the historical long wall of the ink painting, rhyme flow through the ages, he must set foot quiet moonlight of that a moment, be drunk with a month, and the charm.
A spring night of moonlight, like a Spring Creek, so fresh and charmingcockymei. The beauty of Lin Daiyu is that make sophisticated her do not, she is "I for my heart", I think the reason why Jia Baoyu loves Lin Daiyu, but also because of her true that natural beauty. Bao Yu said "the daughter is water", so this is Lin Qingquan flesh, the natural and mellow, or slightly and slightly astringent, but more inner beauty with its quality, give a person with refreshing cool, perhaps in Bao Yu like it is the natural and refreshing.
Moonlight like water, like summer water. "Jiangtianyishai no dust, the vast sky, Gu Yue wheel" summer moonlight, Qingli and plateau, vast and Keren, let people infinite pleasure. See Silverlit everywhere, the smell of Cordyceps sound, enjoy the breeze blowing gently, a day of hot long relieved, let a person can't Peng a pure green? "Month Liushao head, date". Just imagine, under Ou Yangxiu's pen, making congenially, is a wonderful scene.
However, "not see people last year, tears wet spring sleeves".sspondThe unpredictability of life, love of hard. Dramatic is the most piteous, lingering and imprint is engraved on my heart. acacia! Who does not desire, who do not have sincerity recourse, helpless people get good luck, a strange combination of circumstances, the figure of happiness always pass by, feel helpless to flowers, Yangtze River flowing east. The sky people sigh, vice versa, the matter ancient difficult full, there will always be sad and sorry too much! Come to each other's shadow, such as hollow petals floating away, but the heart has already fall full of sweet and sour...
The quiet of the night, the bright moon in the sky, the wind will be lifted on the window of the door remote memory. Hemingway and Kautsky in the flames of war in the furnace, smelting Love Waltz, in the final years of wind in it but, again, as if a generation had passed, "do not go back anymore"! The once beautiful time some sexual gratification, sentimental, is a loss! Miss a season would miss a lifetime. Though ShanMeng in, the people of the past forever, this is how the pain of fissure!
Wang Yuehua gurgling, looking back at the past, a heartbroken man spare here. Red dust, the vast sea of humanity, then there are tenderness million species, but with what people say? Red dream who Xu? The world changes, changes. Sad, accompany cry, always is carved in the depths of the soul, happy, laugh together, just a familiar faces. Plum boiling tea,bebkiee is still a taste of that year, only waiting for the people of the past, never come back. Moonlight like water, like autumn. An invigorating autumn climate, charming moonlight night, like a heavenly fairy a gauze, include the world. Youthful passionate, Akitsuki. In this autumn Yan Kun Yu, like night, how many Gu Yue harps, life and the vicissitudes of the story? Time is a distant memory, there is spring water immersion, autumn wind blowing, I already cleared.
The moon was bright that night, and its shine a lovely lady's way home illuminated. Love across not dating, this is the world how beautiful love! Lin Whei-yin was "a poetic Chihiro waterfall, the world April day". Jin Yuelin Lin Huiying devoted her life to love, a lifetime is single, lonely life, quiet life, until the moment of youth, a Confidante old. Affection, oh, of what is affection comprised? This should only be the sky month, still weeping endures desolate.

Once luxuriant growing luxuriantly green

After work, hastily packed my bags,A lonely thing to have your direction. On the evening of rhyme, I figure moving in a mottled time.
As a front Youyan quartzite wetting Road, along the Long Wharf, up the steps, high-rise fire wall on top of, sparse with few flowers. Once luxuriant growing luxuriantly green, in the winter cold in trying to flaunt the remnants of the green, decorated with winter bleak courtyard, head, blue sky blue cage.
Suddenly, in the corner of the alley, I do not know who is the home before the brick bar placed a few plexus potted chrysanthemums, the purple elegant, bright yellow Mingyan, pulling double moo I. The warm color, rendering a multicoloured time, desolate desolate heart, in an instant to flourish. I not let diffuse pace, approached the head look, in the courtyard after the high top,pricot528 high hung a green ancient "Gao long courtyard". Now, I want to push the unlocked thick time twilight, Nama warm foot long. The feeling of home, really good!
The car, I head on the window. The wheels against the ground issue "hissing" traffic sound, the window of the Castle Peak green Diane, housing the crops, go by like the wind like back flash. Thoughts, started a free swimming in the roar of the car.
This winter, I can truly feel a settled in the heart of the warm imperceptibly gradually dissipated everyone knows, the spring bloom memories, gradually cooling, freezing in the cold.
You said, after this winter, everything will turn for the better. I silently in your arms, looking up at you, polished numerous sentences, the end is stranded in the sea. Heart unspeakable sadness and loneliness, in the Qing cold scattered into mud, soundless and stirless, not a single storm. We sit on benches, a tree Platanus orientalis nearly fell as blade, bones and powerful. Falling under our feet golden Tong leaf, gently in the wind whipped, flowing with a quiet and elegant. Perhaps, some things and mood does not belong in this winter. So, let the wind to come and go freely in our world, sultana each other silently waiting for the next spring. You come, bustling king; you go, clear.
A whistle, put me back to reality from the distant mood in. I looked out of the window, the twilight darkens, the evening, the air was filled with the clear and quiet and warm. I close my eyes, let the heart thought, and a heartbeat to breathe.
The few plexus Gu Xiang met in chrysanthemum, projection to my heart. She covered with dew, in order to cool the nourishing health, in the quiet long days,Most people do not enter into raising calmly elegant bloom layers of strands of fragrance. What you are you not go, or is the traveler, only your shadow into a flower pistil, miss, long aftertaste, softly with quiet and tranquil garden.

generally considered appropriate

For example, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac each require the auditing of at least 10 percent of all mortgage loans. These agencies require lenders to have a quality control plan in place. Though the specifics vary from one agency to the next, the requirements are quite similar. If you are closing less than 15 loans per month, monthly (or quarterly in the case of FHA loans) quality control audits are generally considered appropriate.

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Welcome to my blog The agencies require that the person conducting the audit be independent of the process that they are auditing. For example, if a staff member is involved in the closing of the loan, that person should not conduct the pre-closing audit. Many lenders who conduct in-house loan audits create a separate department specifically for auditing loans to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Each agency has specific requirements covering various quality assurance checkpoints including early in the loan, just before closing the loan, and after closing the loan. Several checklists, including a pre-closing audit checklist, should be a part of your quality control plan. If you prefer, you can use a spreadsheet or specialized loan quality assurance software.

Early in the loan, the list is fairly short. However, just before closing the loan, the pre-closing audit checklist becomes quite extensive. Lenders must make sure all transcripts match documents; double check that self-employment analysis (if applicable) is present; verify the presence of complete tax returns for self-employed borrowers; verify that there's no undisclosed debt, average overtime, bonuses and commissions; check to ensure that a pay stub dated within 30 days before settlement is included; and much more.

Pre-closing audits require re-verifying documentation such as the credit report, borrower's income, employment, and assets, an important step to ensure that all documentation has been received and reviewed and that the information provided supports the underwriting decision.

Using a pre-closing audit checklist, spreadsheet, or quality assurance program specific to the requirements of the agency ensures that you know exactly what needs to be re-verified. Because each agency has its own requirements, and because these agencies periodically update their pre- and post-closing audit guidelines, it's wise to periodically review your quality control plans to ensure that your checklists remain in compliance. With loan quality assurance software, updates are generally issued by the software developer which ensures that your pre-closing audit checklists are current. In fact, software can automate many of the tasks by highlighting missing documentation or verifying pay stub dates.

Whether you develop your own internal pre-closing audit checklist, use one issued by an agency, or use software to guide you, conducting regular pre-closing audits is a must. While you may only be required to do so on just ten percent of your loans, you may want to run each loan through a pre-closing audit. With software, this becomes much easier. Doing so can alert you to potential risks and improve the overall quality of your loan portfolio.

Harmony tips

A school two bedroom. A Room classmates contact, constantly bickering, tension; the B chamber classmates get along well and help each other, harmonious relationship. The A room long the B room long advice harmony secret. The B room long then said: "Because we often make mistakes." Asked by puzzled to know why.

At this time, students hurried back from the outside into the house accidentally tripped by debris. Clean up the House of classmates quickly ran side to help his side to apologize: "I'm sorry, all my fault, the stuff piled up on the ground.

"The B room long Upon seeing also ran said:" No, it's all my fault, did not warn you pay attention at the foot. "Wrestling students without complaint, but reproached himself:" No, no, all my fault, I too fast too careless. '

A room long witnessed this scene, and suddenly, the original harmony secret is: grab recognized fault. Brave to face their own fault, take the initiative to admit their mistakes, Zhicuojiugai immediately apology, take active measures to properly handle the aftermath.

So, naturally able to defuse the confrontation between the two sides, to avoid unnecessary quarrels, forgive each other. Misunderstanding vanished, harmonious and pleasant atmosphere. Grab recognized fault appears to be simple, but in reality it is a wise philosophy of life.


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